Grandkid’s Fund

Investing with an edge… Making sure your Grandkids have milk to drink

We invest in quality companies that deliver products, brands, and services that the next generation will use. We use a combination of humans to curate the universe of good quality business and use an algorithm or checklist to manage position sizing.

Performance 1 Mth 3 Mth Year To Date 2021 Since Inception
Class A

Fund Information

StructureVariable Capital Company (VCC) Sub Fund
Fund DomicileSingapore
Fund Manager8VantEdge Pte. Ltd.
Reporting CurrencyUSD
CustodianMayBank Kim Eng (UBS)
Administrator (Independent Valuation, Client Statements)Bolder Fund Services
Subscription FrequencyMonthly
Redemption FrequencyMonthly with 30 day’s notice
Redemption LockupNone
Penalty for Early RedemptionNone
AuditBaker Tilly
Management Fees1% (Capped at US$1.2 mil, thus when fund assets reach US$240 mil the effective fee is 0.5%, and 0.25% when fund assets reach US$480 mil)
Performance FeeClass A: 13.5% above High-Water Mark (Only for early bird investors)
Class B: 18% above High-Water Mark 

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