Enhanced Value Fund

EVF is a global value fund, focused on investing in secular trends at an inflection point, such as the energy transition, the changing consumer dynamics, and the currencies debasement.

EVF strives to invest in securities following the value investing philosophy, made famous by Warren Buffett.

EVF aims to maintain a balanced and diversified portfolio, where the appropriate weights of low correlated assets reduce its aggregate volatility.

Performance 1 Mth 3 Mth Year To Date 2022 Since Inception*
Class A

* Since Nov 2021

Fund Information - Class A


StructureVariable Capital Company (VCC) Sub Fund
Fund DomicileSingapore
Fund Manager8VantEdge Pte. Ltd.
Reporting CurrencyUSD
CustodianInteractive Brokers
Administrator (Independent Valuation, Client Statements)Bolder Fund Services
Subscription FrequencyMonthly
Redemption FrequencyMonthly with 30 day’s notice
AuditBaker Tilly
Management Fees1%
Performance Fee18% above High-Water Mark

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