Enhanced Value Fund

Enhanced Value Fund (EVF) is a global value fund that prioritises capital preservation while capitalising on emerging secular trends, such as the energy transition.

Our investment approach aligns with the renowned value investing philosophy, inspired by Warren Buffett. We seek out “compounders” – long-term investments with the potential for steady growth – at attractive prices. This strategy forms the core of our portfolio, typically consisting of 8-12 carefully selected positions.

In addition to our core strategy, EVF may also explore short-term tactical opportunities. These special situations arise when certain assets reach inflection points. We may consider large-cap stocks that have been unduly oversold or small-cap stocks with untapped hidden value.

Maintaining a balanced and diversified portfolio is a fundamental objective at EVF. By strategically allocating weights to low-correlated assets, EVF aims to reduce overall market volatility.

Our commitment is to deliver value through a thoughtful and disciplined approach to investing, prioritising capital preservation while aiming at long-term returns of our partners investors.

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Fund Information- Class A

StructureVariable Capital Company (VCC) Sub Fund
Fund DomicileSingapore
Fund Manager8VantEdge Pte. Ltd.
Reporting CurrencyUSD
CustodianInteractive Brokers
Administrator (Independent Valuation, Client Statements)Bolder Fund Services
Subscription FrequencyMonthly
Redemption FrequencyMonthly with 30 day’s notice
AuditBaker Tilly
Management Fees1%
Performance Fee18% above High-Water Mark

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