Are you regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)?
We are a Registered Fund manager with MAS, you can look us up on the following pages
Is stock investing risky?
Yes, it is. You need a long-term investment horizon of 5 yrs or so to succeed. If you need the money urgently like in 6 month’s time, we recommend you look elsewhere. There will be years where the portfolio is up significantly and also periods when it’s down.
The markets have gone up so much, I’m afraid the next market crash will happen? When will it be?
It is impossible to predict. Most market downturns are short-lived. Markets tend to go up over the long run so time in the market is more important than trying to time the market. Studies have shown that it is better to stay invested than hold cash in the long run. Especially in this low-interest rate environment.
Do you hedge FX?
No, our underlying stocks are global. We believe they have the ability to raise prices over time to offset any FX movements.
Why do you charge a management fee?
We want our clients to be confident that we can cover our fixed costs and overheads during market downturns. Capping management fees allows us to focus our attention on performance generation.
Who can invest in the fund?
Only accredited investors who fall into any one of these categories:
a) net personal assets exceeding S$2 million;
b) S$1mil of financial assets net of associated liabilities; or
c) income of S$300,000 in the last year.
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